Don't rely on selfies and holiday pics to fill your website and social media. Get the professional look with professional photography.

Whether your book is on the verge of coming out or if you're just getting started, appearances can make a big difference. Walk away from a professional shoot with photos for all your needs including your website, social media profiles, in-person appearances and newspaper features.

Prior to your shoot, we'll discuss your brand and what you want to convey to your audience to ensure we choose the right location, outfits and poses.

All shoots include basic editing of all photos and a select number of shots for in-depth editing for any flyaway hairs, blemishes or marks that may catch your eye.


Deluxe Package – $250

This two-hour photo shoot involves mutliple locations and up to two outfit changes to ensure you capture every side of your personality and brand. We can either walk around a larger area or jump in the car to visit wildly different locations. Why choose between the beach and the bush when you can have both!

Guaranteed 30–40 photos

Standard Package – $150

A standard one-hour session in which we pick one location where we can get a few different types of shots with different 'themed' backgrounds. This may be your house and your garden or local park, or perhaps a cafe next to an alley of street art. We'll try and get as many different looks in one location as possible. Depending on the shoot, we may have time for one outfit change.

Guaranteed 15–20 photos

Light Package – $80

Short and sweet, this 30-minute session gives you the basics to make your profiles look uniform and professional. We stick to one location but get as many different poses and looks as we can to make sure you're covered for every opportunity.

Guaranteed 8–10 photos